ValidationMaster is the FIRST Lean Validation Management system designed to support the full lifecycle of IV&V Projects.


Dynamic IV&V Dashboards

Gain ACTIONABLE intelligence from project and personal IV&V dashboards that provide real-time status of your validation project metrics and activities.

Requirements Management

Comprehensive requirements management that allows you visualize requirements risk, test status against requirements and much more.

Test Managment & Execution

Automated test script capture, execution and management is now a reality with ValidationMaster.  Establish a reusable test script library for regression testing.

Forward & Reverse Traceability

Requirements traceability is a by-product of your validation lifecycle process.  Generate forward and reverse trace matrices quickly and easily.

Multiple Project Support

Support multiple types of validation project including computer systems validation, equipment, process, cold chain, and many other types of projects.

Integrated Content Portal

Comprehensive content, quality and risk management portal based on Microsoft SharePoint.  Integration with DocuSign e-Signatures and Nintex graphical workflows.


OnShore Technology Group - Innovators in Independent Validation & Verification (IV&V)

ValidationMaster is developed and delivered by OnShore Technology Group - a Chicago-based Independent Validation & Verification firm providing lean validation products and services for life sciences, engineering, and government agencies. 

For over 14 years, OnShore has delivered IV&V professional services across the globe.  IV&V has been a very manual process for decades.  OnShore  has developed the very FIRST Enterprise Validation Management System (EVMS) known as ValidationMaster™ designed to POWER LEAN VALIDATION.   This unique offering is designed FOR validation engineers BY validation engineers.  The system is designed manage the full validation lifecycle process and automate testing in an unprecedented manner.

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We are innovators in powering lean validation - the delivery of IV&V services by eliminating waste and optimizing validation project efficiency. We offer innovative validation services including ValidationOffice (IV&V Staffing), ValidationCoach and ValidationPro.  These service offerings deliver IV&V experience on demand and allow companies to outsource validation processes to a qualified service provider.
We provide innovative IV&V products and services.  We offer IV&V staffing, outsourced testing and validation services for life sciences, engineering and government agencies across the globe. WE PRACTICE LEAN VALIDATION.
Our mission is to help our clients save time and money while ensuring sustained compliance through our innovative lean validation processes.  Through our deep domain experience, we help clients adopt lean IV&V best practices and understand the impact of current regulatory guidelines and how to validate cloud technologies.