• Lean Validation
    Compatible with Mobile & Desktop Devices
        Unlimited Projects
         Runs on Android, iOS, Windows Mobile
        Responsive Design
        Hands On Test Recording
        On Demand
    Powerful, Compliant & Secure
        Next Generation Technology for Green Validation
        Advanced Validation Project Dashboards
        Enterprise Validation Management That Fits In Your Hand
Product Features
Automated Script Development

ValidationMaster™ provides automated test script development that can be executed in TestMaster™.

Requirements Management

ValidationMaster™ allows you to go deep down into your requirements to design test cases that can validate the functionality of the validated systems.

Incident Management

This functionality allows the system to track all incidents in the deployment of the validation project.

Validation Intelligence Dashboard

Each project created has a dashboard that summarizes all of the information regarding the project.

Validation Planning Kanban Board

During validation the team assignments to complete the various tasks and stories can be easily assigned.

Automatic Traceability

The system provides complete traceability from the requirement to the final executed test script.

ValidationMaster is Ready, Are you?